Soundmatters foxL 2012 Platinum Editition 

 Part II 

發佈日期 : 2011年 12月19日    圖 / 文 : 巴斯

12月15日星期四,是 Soundmatters foxL 特別版在中環影音顧問內,舉行發佈會的日子。

今次 Soundmatters foxL 推出呢款特別版藍芽喇叭仔,最主要是附加新的藍芽格式。








早前藍牙技術聯盟(SIG)發佈了名為 A2DP(高級音訊廣播模型)的通訊協定,規定了A2DP的最大可用碼流率為768kbps




CD品質為標準,16 bit44.1 kHz的動態範圍為96dB,頻率響應為20Hz- 22kHz


今次呢個擁有 apt-X 技術的特別版,售價港幣 $2480,

還附上圖中所見的 audioquest 線材。




靚聲的理由,除了擁有 apt-X 技術,當然還要配合獨家專利設計單元。

採用1Neodymium 磁鐵製造之Twoofer單元令高/低音伸延更廣闊




apt-X 格式的手機和平板電腦即會推出市場,未來的 iPhone 5也是內置功能之一。

現在這過渡期,這款藍芽喇叭依然可以向下兼容,只不過用非 apt-X 格式的訊源,播出來的聲未夠完美吧。



如圖接上 iPhone上,以藍芽方式接上就可以使用。



正如Alan Lee所講,最多人會用來接上 iPad配合畫面使用。



Alan Lee 提到過外國媒體對這件產品的正面評價。



"The foxL v2 Platinum is the single most astonishing piece of audio gear I have ever heard.

"The sound produced by the foxL v2 Platinum amazed me. 

A low end that goes down to 80Hz means that human voices sound convincingly right.

The foxL v2 Platinum does do cello. Along with the physics-defying low-end extension‚ it sounded clean and linear"

- Michael Fremer, Contributing Editor, Stereophile for




"If you were to hear the pocket-sized foxL V2 before you saw it, 

you'd think the crisp highs, deep bass, and crystal clear vocals were coming from a speaker fives times its size.

" BEST in CLASS" (vs. Altec, Creative, Jawbone, Supertooth)- GEAR, August, 2011, Men's Journal




"The amazing thing about this speaker is the sound you get out of this little box."

- Ced Kurtz, April 17, 2011,




"The Foxl V2 provides warm and solid lows, well-defined mids and distinct highs"

"with every kind of music I have put through the Foxl V2, the results have been great."

"So, travelers of all stripes, or any of you looking for a small system for your room or 

office that can fit in your pocket and go for a good long time on a full charge, this is ultimate gear."

- Henry Rollins, August 5 , 2010,



"The FoxL v2 is certainly one of the more expensive portable speakers we've tested, 

but the fidelity and build quality make it a worthwhile purchase for serious audiophiles on the run."

- Justin Yu, June 21, 2010,

"The bottom line: The Soundmatters FoxL Personal Audiophile Loudspeaker is well-constructed and 

offers a super compact design without sacrificing sound quality. Sure, it's pricey, but it's worth it."




"...the foxL (v2 Bluetooth) is unbelievable. I spent my first ten minutes with the foxL just staring at it, 

wondering how the hell they manage to get so much volume out of such a little speaker."

"...we have featured travel friendly speakers here on Gadling before,but none of them 

get even remotely close to the performance of the foxl."

"I'm not joking when I say that the foxL performs better than my (pretty pricey) PC speakers. 

Best of all the foxL, it also produces amazing clarity."

- Scott Carmichael, April 19, 2010,




"The foxL (v2 Bluetooth) has astonishing sound for its size; 

The amountof bass and its complex range make the speaker's 2.2" by 5.6" by 1.4" dimensions seem like an optical illusion."

- John Dioso, February 4, 2010, Rolling Stone

"We could not believe the sound that came out of these tiny speakers."

-The Rolling Stone, Best of 2008



"The foxL's [v2 Bluetooth wireless] sound is jaw-droppingly big, in dramatic inverse proportion to its size. 

Upper-bass response is very impressive for such a small device, amazing given the size of what's producing it.

  If portability or sound quality is your number one goal, go with the pocket-sized FoxL (v2 Bluetooth)."

- Review Roundup - Bluetooth Speakers, January 13, 2010,




"The performance of the V2 Bluetooth was obviously better than that of the first Bluetooth model.

  The sound I heard playing tunes from iPhone through the Bluetooth connection was nearly as good as

  what you'd get with a wired connection."

"No system so small ever sounded so good"

-Brent Butterworth, Sound & Vision




"The sound quality from the Soundmatters FoxL speaker system is almost alarmingly good for a unit that, 

at a push, would fit in a jeans pocket."



"The foxL is simply the best thing to happen to business travel since Wi-Fi."




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