圖 / 文: Go4WAR

Always go to the siukeung newsgroup and would like to share my setup (not so good).

As taking with a gift DC, picture qaulity not so good (will update if get a good DC).

Just recently bought from SZ, tube (6N3C) pre + power amp.


Also bought from SZ (same shop), Image Response 1S,

the sound stage & vocal is better than my B&W DM604 S2 (photo 8). 

Use the newly bought tube amp to drive, very happy ^_^.

My old AV setup, from the top:

Pioneer CLD 616 LD Player (use as the CD player for the tube amp)

Denon AVR 2500 AV Recv (it now uses for my computer, playing game)

Yamaha subwoofer YST-SW60 (it now uses for my computer, playing game)

My computer speakers, Paramount HCS5300 SAT.

My "book" room.

My subwoofer in , JMLab SW33A, use as "corner table".

Current AV setup, from the top:

JVC HRS5600AM, just use to record TV prog.

Toshiba SD9000 DVD Player

Kenwood DM7090 MD deck, haven't used it for long time

步步高 DVD-AB903K, use it to play "lo fan"

Marantz AV Recv SR-14, buy it because it has tuner built-in, my boss doesn't want separate tuner.

B&W DM-604 S2, front speaker, buy it because my boss likes it style and most important it's black.

B&W LCR-6, centre speaker, buy it as same reason above.

B&W DS-6, surround speaker, same reason on buying.


another view of whole setup, TV is Toshiba 50N9UXH

Thanks for posting my setup!!