Dear Buzz: I am a av phile in Guangzhou(Mainland),

please give some advises for my following av equipments.

I want to type in Chinese, but I worry about you can not read the Chinese GB code,sorry.



1.My av room: 19 square meters, the walls and ceiling are covered 9mm wood board and 15mm gypsum board to absorb the excess bass, but I can't stand the odor of gypsum, it is harmful for my health, So I decide to cover a new wood board layer on the gypsum board.


2. 7 KW power regulator: To make the voltage more stable.


3.Electric filter: I use two pieces, one is for amplifier, the other is for projector and DVDO.

4.BARCO Cine7 : Very good color performance, and very easy to use, but soft picture.

5.DVDO i-Scan pro: No need to introduce again.


6.PIONEER 919 DVD & LD player: A ordinary DVD and LD player

7.YAMAHA 3090 av amplifier: Several years ago YAMAHA flagship model, maybe you forget it, but I think its cinema effect is good.

8.ZELL integrated amplifier: A very heavy monster(35 KG), made in china, The sound and power not bad (200W 8ohm RMS, 400W 4ohm RMS), it can be a pre-amp or power-amp independently

9.AR HO series speaker: one set(including main, center, surround channel), high efficiency, but lack of detail.

10.AER A1 bookshelf speaker: A very good bookshelf speaker, but I don't have enough money to buy its base.......

11.GRANDVIEW screen: So far so good, cheap.

12.T&W TV receive box: the most expensive TV receive box for computer use(RMB 900) in China, it has a very strange function, it can upscan the frequency from 50 Hz to 60Hz or 75Hz and 15kHz to 48kHz. but actually it is unuseful, the picture quality can not match to the DVDO. It can accept composite, s-video or component signal and output RGB signal. Very difficult to locate TV channel and very bad remote design. In a word, not worthy to buy, forget it.